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Job Description: TikTok & Content Creator/ VDO Editor


  1. Develop engaging content for TikTok and other platforms to boost brand visibility.

  2. Develop and implement monthly content plan and clip schedules, strategically planning the release of videos to align with marketing objectives and audience engagement trends.

  3. Conceptualize, script, and storyboard videos aligned with company goals and the target audience.

  4. Stay updated on TikTok trends, leveraging challenges and features for content creation.

  5. Collaborate with the marketing team to align content with overall branding and strategy.

  6. Edit raw footage to produce high-quality, professional short-form videos.

  7. Use video editing software for visual enhancements and compelling effects.

  8. Optimize videos for engagement, considering factors like duration and pacing.

  9. Manage video assets, ensuring a well-organized and accessible video library.

  10. Collaborate with internal teams, understanding project requirements for effective content delivery.

  11. Manage the company's TikTok account, including posting, scheduling, and audience engagement.

  12. Analyze video performance metrics, adjusting content strategies based on insights.

  13. Stay informed about algorithm changes and updates on TikTok and relevant platforms.

  14. Brainstorm and pitch creative ideas aligned with current trends and audience resonance.

  15. Experiment with various video formats and styles for maximum audience impact.

  16. Collaborate with influencers and content creators for brand expansion.

  17. Coordinate with marketing and design teams to integrate video content into broader campaigns.

  18. Maintain high video quality in line with the brand's image and values.

  19. Proofread and fact-check content for accuracy and professionalism.

  20. Engage with the audience through comments, direct messages, and interactive features.

  21. Participate in events or offline activities alongside TeC's executives to record footage and capture key moments and use recorded footage to create engaging and relevant content for various channels, aligning with the company's marketing objectives.


  1. Proficiency in video editing software with a strong ability to edit and enhance raw footage into high-quality, professional videos.

  2. In-depth knowledge and proficiency in TikTok trends, features, and best practices.

  3. A creative mindset with the ability to ideate and execute innovative and visually appealing content.

  4. Ability to adapt to changing trends, algorithms, and audience preferences on TikTok and other relevant platforms.

  5. Effective time management skills to meet deadlines and deliver content consistently.

  6. Ability to collaborate with internal teams, influencers, and other stakeholders for successful content creation.

  7. An understanding of analytics and metrics related to video performance, with the ability to derive insights for strategy improvement.

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