Woldwide Partner

TeC Worldwide  Partners

Thai-China Association

  • China Electronic Commerce Association

  • Dongguan Electronic Commerce Federation

  • e-Commerce Association of Hong Kong

  • Shenzhen e-Commerce Association And more

Training Courses & Curriculum

  • Digital marketing, IT, Tech, AI, Big data
    by experts of TeC

  • Cyber ports in Hong Kong (No.1 Start up incubators like silicon  valleys in San Francisco)
    on discussion

  • CEO Programs and Managerial program by Alibaba Business School as ACGs Executive Program organizer

E-Commerce park/ Digital park

  • Yun He e-Commerce park, Hangzhou

  • New Route e-Commerce park, Shenzhen

  • Hangzhou Cross-border

  • e-Commerce park e-Fashion Town

E-Commerce Corporations

  • Amazon, eBay, Wish, AliExpress, Alibaba, JD

TeC Successful Stories

TeC Thailand e-Business Center Company Limited (HQ)

AIA Capital Center, 12A floor, Unit 12A08,

89 Ratchadapisek rd Dindang Bangkok Thailand 10400 

Contact Us by Email: info@tec.work

Phone: 02-115-8124, 

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