TeC Avengers

Co-Founders & Avengers Team


Ms. Kulthirath Pakawachkrilers (K.Meant)

CEO, Co-Founder

Asia e-Commerce specialist & International
e-Business Expansion

(Expertise in e-Commerce, Marketing, PR, international business expansion and business development,CEO of Joyfulness.asia, Committee of Thai e-Commerce Association, Secretariat  of Thai Digital Trade Association, Ex-Lazada Director of branding, public relation and partnership, Former Advisor to Vice president for Big C shopping online, Former Advisor to CEO, Luxola, acquired by Sephora)


Mr. Nuttaporn Voonklinhom (K.Tum)

CEO, Co-Founder

Encyclopedia of  China Technologies and Technical Information 

(Expertise in e-Commerce, e-Business, Advanced Technology, President of Thai Digital Trade Association, Ex-Vice President of IT & Operation for COL PCL (Central Online Group), Ex-Directorof IT & e-Commerce for Big C Super center, Global Venture Director, Rocket Internet GmbH, Lazada, Zalora, Food Panda)


Mr. Thassanai Mhuansean


CIO, Co-Founder

Ph.D candidate in AI  Technology

(Expertise in Human Resources, IT Digital workforce, AI, Talents recruitment, Founder of JobBKK.com,   Vice President of Thai Digital Trade Association, Ex-Top management for GMM Grammy)

Board  of Directors & Advisory


Mr.Worawoot Ounjai


Honorable Advisory 

President of the Thai Retailers Association, CEO

of COL PCL (Central Online Group) and Founder of OfficeMate PCL 


Mr.Udomtipok Praikaset 


Board of Director,


Vice President of Thai SMEs Federation, Thai web master association and Thai Digital Trade Association, Managing Director, Digital Business Consulting

Screen Shot 2562-05-13 at 11.35.06.png

Mr. Pathom Indarodom


Board of Director,


CEO, Siam ICO, Advisor

to I.C.C.International PCL



Mr. Hong Cheng Kit


Chief China Expansion Officer, Co-Founder

(CEO of FAS Group in China, Honorable Director of  China Electronic Commerce Association, International
e-Trade Federation)