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Job Description: Personal Assistant to CEO


  1. Coordinate and organize the CEO's calendar, ensuring efficient time management and prioritizing key activities.

  2. Respond to emails, messages, and other communications on behalf of the CEO, maintaining professionalism and confidentiality.

  3. Schedule, prepare for, and follow up on meetings, ensuring the CEO is well-prepared and documentation is handled effectively.

  4. Plan and coordinate travel logistics, including flights, accommodations, and itineraries for the CEO's business trips.

  5. Maintain and organize important documents, reports, and files, ensuring quick and easy access for the CEO.

  6. Manage incoming calls and visitors, screening and prioritizing requests to optimize the CEO's time.

  7. Assist in preparing reports, presentations, and other documents as needed by the CEO.

  8. Conduct research on various topics to provide the CEO with accurate and up-to-date information.

  9. Manage sensitive and confidential information with discretion and integrity.

  10. Plan and organize corporate events, conferences, and meetings, overseeing logistics and details.

  11. Act as a point of contact between the CEO and internal/external stakeholders, ensuring effective communication.

  12. Track and manage the CEO's expenses, preparing accurate and timely expense reports.

  13. Oversee the CEO's social media presence, ensuring posts align with the professional image of the company.

  14. Address issues and challenges proactively, finding solutions and presenting options to the CEO.

  15. Provide ad hoc administrative and operational support as needed by the CEO.

  16. Collaborate with other executives and department heads to facilitate seamless communication and workflow.

  17. Manage responsibilities associated with the CEO serving as both the CEO and President of Thai e-Commerce Association, ensuring seamless coordination and support for both roles.

  18. Take care of speaker-related tasks, including replying to invitations, negotiating speaker fees, providing necessary information for drafting artwork, and scheduling slots for speakers, moderators, keynotes, or panel sessions.


  1. Experience as an executive assistant or personal assistant, preferably supporting C-level executives.

  2. Excellent time management skills with the ability to prioritize tasks efficiently.

  3. Strong organizational abilities with attention to detail and ability to multitask.

  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, demonstrating professionalism and clarity.

  5. High level of discretion and ability to handle confidential information with integrity.

  6. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and other relevant productivity tools.

  7. Ability to anticipate and resolve issues independently.

  8. Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities and work in a dynamic environment.

  9. Proactive approach to tasks, anticipating needs and taking initiative.

  10. Maintain a high level of professionalism and represent the CEO's office with poise and confidence.

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